Aug 1 2014


The LED LAB was very happy to have hosted July's Leaders in Software and Art Salon (LISA) on July 8th.

LISA is a society of creative thinkers centered around monthy salons. It is a membership orginization founded by Isabel Walcott Draves in 2009 with aims of: becoming the first stop for the best new art in the world, advancing the artistic and/or technology careers of its members, introduce the membership to fascinating endeavors, help creative software entrepreneurs grow their business and join intesting people together for fellowship, cameraderie and good food and drink.

July's Salon exhibited the work of four artists ranging from video artists to sculptors. 

Luke Murphy is a systems-based artist whose work investigates randomness, the underlying mechanisms of hope and politics, and our digital age. Seeking the most perfect source of randomness has led him to to use radioactive decay as an engine to generate random numbers which are then harvested to power art.  His work has been featured at CANADA, NYC; NADA Art Fair, Miami; Digital Art Week, Zurich; Conduit Gallery, Dallas; Märkischen Museum, Berlin; Art Boom in Krakow; the Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto; and the Queens Museum of Art.  Luke is the CTO at Paddle8 and was formerly VP of Technology at Comedy Central and MTV Networks for a decade.

Carrie Mae Rose is a sculptor, performer and interactive installation artist.  By using materials that can create shock and deadly injury, she brings a heightened sense of caution, reverence, and pushes the boundary of fashion to the limit.   Her work is built with electricity, sound sensors, open source software, hardware, confiscated scissors from airport security, razor blades, and plant fibers.  Recently in New York she has exhibited work in BETA Spaces, Devotion Gallery, and Elga Wimmer Gallery. Carrie Mae holds a M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons.

David Galbraith is an artist and composer who explores the couplings between art, music, technology and the body through his installations, compositions, sound works, and performances featuring live electronics and custom software. Galbraith completed a single-channel video work using the first version of his custom software for realtime sound and image in 2006. Galbraith’s work has been presented internationally at P.S.1/MoMA, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and KW Institute of Contemporary Art (Berlin), among others.  David has performed at Roulette, The Stone, Diapason Sound Art Gallery, Staatsbank Berlin, and the Pro Musica Nova Festival in Bremen, Germany. He is a founding member of Analogos, the analog synthesis collective formed in New York City in 2004.

Blair Neal is a video artist and creative technologist interested in the interaction of image and sound in live performance, programming, shooting/editing, DIY electronics, and alternative visualization of images.  He has performed visuals at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Eyebeam, Terminal 5, the Park Avenue Armory, as well as alongside indie pop groups such as Phantogram and Banjo or Freakout.  Blair’s video works have been exhibited at onedotzero, Center for Photography at Woodstock, and the Arts Center of the Capitol Region.  Professionally as a lead creative tech at Fake Love, he has also done live video work for parties hosted by Microsoft, the Oxygen Network, and Spin Magazine. Other clients have included Sonos, Lexus, Virgin Mobile/Samsung, Jordan, Levi’s, Marc Jacobs, and Amex.  Blair attended RPI for his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication and Electronic Arts respectively. His thesis was on the history and current practice of combining image and sound in a live performance environment.

More information about LISA can be found at HTTP://SOFTWAREANDART.COM/

**Picture courtesty of Carrie Mae Ross